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This project embraces orphaned girls who do not have any access to parenting and/or education and teaches them through sport and interactive educational courses about basic concepts such as literacy - how to speak properly to people, mathematics - counting and scores, social skills -coordinating with others and team building, learning to trust and work as a group and emotional skills - good sportsmanship; learning to lose gracefully and succession planning in which one allows others to takeover- as well as about reproductive health and safety that all young girls need to know to be safe.. We are using an integrated learning approach using sport as the driving force of instruction. It is a wholistic approach to life and living through playing a sport which is disciplined.


We provide:


  • Unbiased sexual education that aims to offer the facts, rather than how teenagers “should” act, and answer any questions regarding sexual health.

  • Distribution reusable sanitary pads that last a girl’s entire high school career, allowing them to attend school when on their period. 

  • Distribution condoms, which promote safe sex.

  • Awareness to sexual consent and the power individuals have over their own bodies.

  • Classes and courses of basics such a Mathematics and EnglishEdmund Garwe Trust aims to improve and change the lives of African youth by:


We aim to inspire by: 


  • Promoting body acceptance so that they feel proud of their bodies

  • Providing a dignified way for girls to attend school more regularly, thereby improving their attendance and their grade

  • Empowering the youth to take power and make their own choices about their bodies and their future

  • Enabling them to improve their confidence and to seek education, creating a pathway to a brighter future


We are also constantly executing fundraising activities, which support the purchase of textbooks, pads, condoms, balls, and other materials essential to the project.


We do all of this inbetween fun and interactive games of volleyball, netball, and football.


734 Wattle Grove,

Winston ParkCity Marondera, Zimbabwe

(+27) 79 366 3640​

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